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BDevine offers personal in depth readings, healing, teaching, art and more!
Author of the book “Angelic Guidance” & “Domino Angels” oracle cards. 

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About BDevine®


Having suffered with severe CPTSD my whole life I had all but given up on finding anyone that would be able to understand the complex inter-dimensional levels that the abuse I had experienced had taken place on.

Then I was introduced to BDevine around 8 years ago. After a while of utilising her free to use online resources I had gotten to a place where I felt I knew myself well enough regarding my issues to take the plunge and study 1 on 1 with her.

Her healing work aided me in taking my life’s work to another level. Her mentoring and intensive healing courses were exceptional and helped me purge the wound I had been looking for my entire life.

It transpired after 20 years of working on many, many related issues that the abuse was rooted in an egregious sexual assault that first occurred before I was 2yrs old that I had locked away.

Becky was not only skilled enough to help me deal with the multiplicities of all the issues I was facing, she is the only person I have ever trusted and felt completely safe with since I was a baby.

Her integrity is unparalleled, her kindness and generosity truly genuine. Her vast life experience speaks to us all in one way or another and her strength and courage are beyond inspiring. She will always meet you on a level that you can work with and understand, but her skill set is so highly advanced she appears beyond her time.

As long as you are willing to do the work and are not just looking for a ‘quick fix’ (which doesn’t exist in any true healing) then working with BDevine will be a truly life changing (or life saving in my case) experience.

Regardless of what level you are at with your journey, whether you are a curious beginner or an advanced soul searcher; whether you are struggling with abuse issues or are just interested in developing yourself and your skillset further, I can attest that anyone who is genuinely ‘ready’ to move onto the next level - you need look no further, you will find it here.


May E

Last night, I received a shamanic healing session over the phone with Becky Devine from Devine Miracles. I highly recommend that everyone books a shamanic healing session with Becky, even if you already feel you have done loads of healing on yourself. During the session I received the guidance that I needed about my healing that I wasn't’t aware of before. It was as if Becky lifted away all of the fog and the truth was revealed. I could feel all of my worries, pain, and struggles lift away but I was also provided with the guidance to maintain this lighter energy. The information that came to me during her session has completely shifted my energy and brought me so much peace. The healing that I received from Becky has changed my outlook on my healing and my spiritual path. I feel as though I am now taking big strides forward in living my life more fully, more healed, and with more love. I cannot thank Becky enough or recommend her services enough because I know her healing will change your life too. With Becky, her healing is comparable to receiving a miracle. Thank you so much & so much love!


Becky is a true inspiration. After everything she has been through herself, she has an understanding of everything we might be feeling or going through. Unlike other “psychics” who try to tell you your fortune, Becky insists it’s the parts of our soul that need healing. But she is incredibly accurate and understanding! Once we have an understanding of empowerment, we are on our way to a stress free and abundant life. Do the mentoring with her- do the work and change your life!
She always gives you more than advertises! My life has completely changed! Couldn’t recommend her more!

Ross K.