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I have been working with Becky for 4 years at least now primarily through her videos and writings. I also have one of the exquisite mandalas that she made for me. She has made a HUGE AND POSITIVE IMPACT in my life!!! I was guided to her videos when I opened up to healing during a deeply painful breakdown and severe depression. I thought I had lost everything but had always felt a resonance with angels. Becky's guidance helped me to claim this connection and gently find my way back to consciously owning my spiritual path again. I love everything she stands for and give thanks for her integrity and commitment to walking truth and Christ consciousness (not religion, truly love-based spirituality) <3


About 4 months ago, I experienced Becky's 6-week mentoring program, and it changed my life, literally. I had an eye disease, inherited and passed from mother to daughter. Rare enough, and nothing anyone could do about the vision loss. As Becky did her long distance healing work for me, the energies were so strong that I felt the tingles around my eyes for an entire afternoon. Now, my vision has improved so much, and is continuing to improve, that I am hopeful to be able to drive again. I clearly felt the energies in other areas, too. I also learned much about myself and healed many areas in my life, Today, I have never felt more at peace. I cannot recommend this program highly enough. If you are willing to trust in the process with an open heart, prepare to be amazed at what happens in your life. <3


Becky did a healing for my brother last night.I am so thankful as the difference in my brother is AMAZING!!!!!!!! Becky is a talented, beautiful loving person and truly remarkable in the work she does.My brother is a different person after a healing with Becky.Would highly recommend her to everyone.Thank you BeckyXOXOXOXO


I came across Becky's YouTube video years ago.
My energy resonate so much with the one she transforms that I decided to enter an individual mentoring/healing course.
The 6 weeks of tailored attention was an amazing experience!!!
I still getting Becky's healing messages on a daily basis telepathically:)
And its a wonderful feeling!!!
Grateful for everything you do,B!!!


If I could rate you a 10 I would! Love your work & you! You've helped me so much & I am finally ready to start on my journey to being a healer after I was told I've got the healing hands! I will definitely be looking to you for guidance ��


I have been following Becky for a least five years. I first came across her on YouTube. I had just been attuned to Reiki and had lots of things I didn't understand and Becky was able to give me the info I was looking for. She is truly amazing.


She is amazingly kind and gifted ... Love her ��


Last night, I received a shamanic healing session over the phone with Becky Devine from Devine Miracles. I highly recommend that everyone books a shamanic healing session with Becky, even if you already feel you have done loads of healing on yourself. During the session I received the guidance that I needed about my healing that I wasn’t aware of before. It was as if Becky lifted away all of the fog and the truth was revealed. I could feel all of my worries, pain, and struggles lift away but I was also provided with the guidance to maintain this lighter energy. The information that came to me during her session has completely shifted my energy and brought me so much peace. The healing that I received from Becky has changed my outlook on my healing and my spiritual path. I feel as though I am now taking big strides forward in living my life more fully, more healed, and with more love. I cannot thank Becky enough or recommend her services enough because I know her healing will change your life too. With Becky, her healing is comparable to receiving a miracle. Thank you so much & so much love, Amanda 


I have looked to BDevine so many times throughout these last few years for guidance and understanding. I’ve learned so much and appreciate her spirit to the fullest! 🦋-Becci


Been following B Devine since 2012. I like her personality and how she tries to help people help themselves to realize that we all have the same abilities. I love how spot on the weekly card readings and monthly guidance is.....thanks for the positive messages and spirit B!!!☺❤



The first time I saw one of Becky Devine's videos something inside told me she was the real deal. And it wasn't wrong. She is that and a lot more. Thanks Becky for your amazing content and vast knowledge which has guided and helped me no end.


Learning Techniques, healing, Crystals, cards. if you want to learn about anything spiritual. I recommend.


 Becky, for me you are a life line. A life raft.. always there with the right words, meme's, intention. prayers.. At just the right time.. hopefully some day we meet. if not, please keep doing you.. bc our world needs you.. your knowledge, messeges.. pls dont stop. BUT! take care of you too.. we need you healthy.. ok. 😄 ✌ n 💖 Lady Devine..


Becky’s energy is quite uplifting and she’s such a genuine being. Her laughter is contagious and has you feeling lighter after each chat, video etc. Love being a part of her tribe. ��


Devine Miracles is so down to earth and hits home on all the subjects she speaks on. I've been with her for many years and I always come back to see what's new on her site.


I’ve been working with Becky for 6 years now, she is amazingly gifted and healing. You won’t regret a reading or distance healing with her.


I recommend everyone to watch Becky’s videos and have a reading with her. She help you learn a lot about your self.



She is an amazing light worker helping million of souls!! Love her extraordinary work🌹🌹🙏🏼🙏🏼



Bec has such a big heart. She helps so many people and my niece is one of them! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Bec. “Merry Christmas to you and your family”. Love, light and blessings Vicki 😘🎄


Becky Devine is a beautiful person inside and out. She is truly down to earth and authentic. I highly recommend Devine Miracles for all your healings/attunements, Angelic messages and spiritual readings, plus much more! Big Hugs and lots of Love


Hello Devine, just read yourvideo on how to contact your guardian Angel. it was very touching and mooving for me and i felt all the love that came from you. Tjanks very much


I have known Becky for a few years now, have bought some beautiful hand made rings, and discovered what a "soul sister" means..Her light shines so bright, she is so genuine, I am forever grateful that she is a part of my life! It is a blessing to know her. She will change your life for the better, guaranteed! Love her!


I love how she is her self and not fake . I'm a empath I feel her goodness in her heart too all < 3


She is amazingly kind and gifted ... Love her ��


Becky is a beautiful soul ... Genuine, Generous & Gifted. Her joyful approach is infectious & makes everything seem right with the world! Bless You Becky - Nothing but love for you here <3


I have been following Becky for a least five years. I first came across her on YouTube. I had just been attuned to Reiki and had lots of things I didn't understand and Becky was able to give me the info I was looking for. She is truly amazing.

Vicki B

She is heaven sent. The level of help and guidance I have received from Becky is unlike anything else. Truthful, honest, and caring.