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Shamanic Healing Sessions (4) with BDevine-Package Deal
Shamanic Healing Sessions (4) with BDevine-Package Deal
Shamanic Healing Sessions (4) with BDevine-Package Deal
Shamanic Healing Sessions (4) with BDevine-Package Deal


Shamanic Healing Sessions (4) with BDevine-Package Deal

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BDevine® Is an International Accredited Training Provider of Holistic Medicine & Executive practitioner Internationally!


Extremely powerful & life changing!!

Deep Shamanic Healing!

Dear Seeker of Healing,

I invite you to embark on a sacred journey towards profound transformation and spiritual restoration. Allow me to outline the divine offerings that await you on this path of discovery and self-realization.

Firstly, I shall create a sacred space for your healing journey through an intimate intake recording. In this, I beseech you to share every detail of your being, for it is through this comprehensive understanding that I shall tailor the healing experience to your unique needs.

Prepare yourself for a series of 4 transcendent Shamanic Healing Sessions. Together, we shall transcend the boundaries of time and delve into the depths of your soul's history, releasing any remnants of past lives that hinder your present existence. Moreover, these sessions shall alleviate the multifaceted pain that burdens your being, offering solace on myriad levels, which shall be expounded upon further.

During these sacred healings, I shall serve as a conduit for messages from your ethereal guides, angels, and all benevolent beings who accompany you on this sacred journey. Furthermore, any attachments that bind your spirit shall be cleansed, and disparate spirits shall find their rightful place in the cosmic realm. Prepare for a profound reset of your entire energetic field, accompanied by a cellular restructure that shall rejuvenate your essence.

As we traverse the realms of healing, inner wounds shall be tended to with utmost care, while the removal of obstructive blocks shall pave the way for your soul's liberation. These  offerings are merely a glimpse into the vastness of the healing tapestry that awaits you.

This sacred energy carries immense power, intrinsically woven with spiritual wisdom and guidance. Alongside your healing, spiritual advice shall be imparted, nourishing your soul with divine insights and illuminating your path towards ascension.

I beseech you to embrace the flexibility of these sessions, for they require no physical presence or phone call. They may be harmoniously woven into your schedule, allowing you to bask in the transformative energies at your convenience. To enhance your healing experience, I shall provide you with ethereal melodies carefully curated for your sessions. Please ensure that you and your loved ones comprehend the English language, should they also partake in this sacred journey.

To ensure the utmost efficacy of your healing journey, it is recommended that you space these divine energies at least one week apart. Please note that I shall not initiate healing without your explicit request, for these sessions are gifts bestowed upon you when you feel prepared to receive them. Kindly inform me of your desired frequency for these healing transmissions.

In order to comprehend your unique needs and guide you on this pilgrimage of healing, I kindly request you to contact me via email to begin our journey!