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Mentoring Services-6 sessions with BDevine

Mentoring Services-6 sessions with BDevine

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Everyone needs to have true healing and release,and most of the time, we need someone else, besides ourselves, to shift and clear the energy that you can’t always see!

Your Mentoring Program, will last 6 sessions (dependant on your needs) and EVERY program is unique, and will be tailor made to suit you.

 *Weekly Phone Calls/Zoom

sessions-Or every two weeks

As with ANY healing  and mentoring, you MUST put the lessons to use..this is going to be the most important part of the journey for you, is to understand how to master everything and anything that tries to pull you back will have the tools you need to continue on your pathway.

*6x Healing (once per week or as arranged) to help implement the new knowledge and way of life.

This will be tailor made individually.

*Bonus Session to set things up for you!

*Email support as needed.

*Your abilities and healing will also increase as we do meditations and healing over the phone as needed.

*You will be working with me personally, to help you on every level. You will need to reserve 1-2 hours per session for our calls, and further time to implement the knowledge and healing releases.  There are no tests, or any homework. You will learn at your own pace in your own time.




About 4 months ago, I experienced Becky's 6-week mentoring program, and it changed my life, literally. I had an eye disease, inherited and passed from mother to daughter. Rare enough, and nothing anyone could do about the vision loss. As Becky did her long distance healing work for me, the energies were so strong that I felt the tingles around my eyes for an entire afternoon. Now, my vision has improved so much, and is continuing to improve, that I am hopeful to be able to drive again. I clearly felt the energies in other areas, too. I also learned much about myself and healed many areas in my life, Today, I have never felt more at peace. I cannot recommend this program highly enough. If you are willing to trust in the process with an open heart, prepare to be amazed at what happens in your life. <3




I have been working with Becky for 4 years at least now primarily through her videos and writings. I also have one of the exquisite mandalas that she made for me. She has made a HUGE AND POSITIVE IMPACT in my life!!! I was guided to her videos when I opened up to healing during a deeply painful breakdown and severe depression. I thought I had lost everything but had always felt a resonance with angels. Becky's guidance helped me to claim this connection and gently find my way back to consciously owning my spiritual path again. I love everything she stands for and give thanks for her integrity and commitment to walking truth and Christ consciousness (not religion, truly love-based spirituality) <3