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Spiritual Light Therapy-Removing Karmic Contracts and Negative energy

Spiritual Light Therapy-Removing Karmic Contracts and Negative energy

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So many people are suffering needlessly, with psychological, spiritual and mental pain, that they can not find relief for it . 

I have worked with countless people over the years, in hypnotherapy and various spiritual therapies,in order to create a program that will work specifically for you.  

I have 30 plus years of experience working with spirituality and all types of healing modalities and therapies, and I am confident I can help you to release anything that is holding you back and shutting yo down. 

This is a specific healing/clearing created for you. 

We will need to speak on the phone and I will create a plan of action, and get rid of any negative spirit or energy that is causing fear and stress and in some cases physical and emotional pain.

When you follow the advice, and truly do the work, you will find who you are again,and start to live a healthy life.


If you or your family are experiencing:



Dark Thoughts

pain in your body

Anger that comes on quickly

Turning against people/family/parents

no energy

constantly feeling “sick”

extreme nervousness 

drug abuse/alcoholism



feeling like you are “going crazy”

Hearing voices

Seeing things 

no appetite 

stomach bloating

or anything that has come upon you “all of a sudden”

If you feel like you have psychic attack or haunting or even feel like you are possessed  (or your home is) there is a way out of this!

You don’t need potions and spells,you need REAL support and expert advise to get rid of this and get your life back! 

I will offer strict instructions, recordings, healing and support to get you through-BUT you must be willing to also do your part, and follow the instructions so you can truly be free. 

A number of issues in life can warrant a clearing- if you have experienced:

a house move

an operation

a family loss

hospital visit

Live near a cemetary

astral travelled without protection

 even a victim of abuse (any kind)

perscription drugs

illegal drugs


witnessing violence

hanging around people with dark energy

Relationships that fail 

Having suicidal thoughts

self harm

Chronic anxiety

car accidents etc  


If you have experienced ANY of the above, you could benefit for some personal clearing.

You will gain your life back, clarity and strength as well as confidence to move into a brand new life.

Past life karmic energy clearing will also be provided for you.

You will receive 3 calls with me, as well as detailed recordings to help you of you ever feel low in energy or believe that you have been in contact with negative energy of any kind, so you will have support that is ongoing.

Our first call will enable me to create a specific plan for you. I am detached from your situation, and very experienced in clearing negative energy and entities and hold no fear whatsoever, and will guide you to do the same.

Please watch this video which explain energy plays & mental health and spirituality. (Free advice https://www.YouTube.com/c/devinemiracles