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Destiny Reading-
Destiny Reading-
Destiny Reading-


Destiny Reading-

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Unveiling the Sacred Path: Explore the Mysteries of Destiny Reading and Embark on an Epic Journey Towards Fulfilling Your Divine Purpose!!

This is a huge reading, encompassing, many different areas and aspects of your life.

When we have "readings" we are open to the information from the "Akash" which is were all knowledge about you is stored. To open this sacred energy, BDevine has your permission, to delve into your history and your future, to help you to be the best you can be, open your abilities more completely, open your connection with your Spiritual "light Team" and embark on a journey of new discovery, and ultimate healing.

In this giant, 2 hour reading (or longer) you will receive a voice recorded message on past lives, soul strands, your angels and channeled messages, and different types of divination systems to help you to move forward.

Via MP3 Recording you will need to download to keep the recording for yourself. The turnaround is 2-7  days to receive your reading .

please be sure that you email me or leave a note with your questions, although all will be addressed in your reading .

The healing is included throughout but also a specially designed declaration just for you, so that you can be open to all the changes, and abundance, health and love that you are looking for!

Whilst BDevine can not make anything happen "to you" or "for you" she will promise to give you as much information, to help you on the journey as she can.

You will be blown away by the in depth knowledge and accuracy, as well as the healing and boosts you will receive.,

Only choose this reading, if you are truly ready for a new life, and way of being to emerge!