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Light Leaders Graduates

Here are some of our fabulous light leaders who have graduated Semester 1 
They are ready to help you!
You can contact them below.

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Dana Bouse
Rachel Green
Noelia Delgado
julie Moonchild
Deserie Peguero Sanchez
Kathy Rich
TC Davis
Karin Eaglestar Woman
Cindra Jones
Nekole Floyd
 I have thoroughly been astonished with my sessions with BDevine, and always blown away by the helpfulness of my time with her. B is an accurate reflection of the truth that lay already inside all of us and I am also constantly impressed by her generosity, and the self teaching she provides and encourages in everyone through her Facebook page/YouTube. Devine Miracles is a Devine gift along the road to anyone's spiritual journey, and One could not ask to come across a greater speaker of the light." C. Waterhouse




" I have been to many different 'healers' 'readers' and spiritual guru's, and was quite hesitant to reach out, considering all I had been through, and the money I had spent on so called 'healing's'. However, I was drawn to BDevine through her YouTube videos, and felt an instant resonance, which pushed me in her direction. I came for a Past Life Regression session, and she only asked for a donation, if I could not afford it. I was blown away with her, and my results! I had always had back pain, knee pain and suffered from being overweight and daily migraines. By the time I left her house, I was walking taller, with no pain whatsoever-and 3 months down the track-it has NEVER come back! BDevine guides you beautifully to where you need to be to have the healing you need. She is with you every step of the way, and will push through barriers you may be putting up to somehow protect yourself, or block the real healing. She helps you to feel great about yourself and excited for your future! Don't hesitate to contact her, and make a booking. If you are really sick of how you are feeling, and the pain you are in, and want relief, it is only a call away. I can not recommend her higher, she really is the 'real deal'. " C. Jones

Chris Jones


“The depth of knowledge, ability and grace, is amazing I’ve been to so many healers and always had the same empty feeling.
I decided to give B a try since I found her to be honest and that’s refreshing! I did not know what to expect,so I bought a distant package
Wow is all I can say! She explains that her team di all the work and she is able to see what they are doing and assist with stabilizing my energy this is huge!
After all,my Angels know me,so I felt comfortable with them.
She does not claim to be doing anything other than helping to hold the energy and sending in the appropriate “teams” to assist me .
I had to out some effort into it myself, as far as how I was talking to myself and the words I used are so powerful.
Can’t recommend enough how amazing this is! I don’t have my problems and in fact when I went to the Dr to double check,there was no evidence of anything being wrong with me! Amazing! The Dr actually said, “I don’t know what you have done but you don’t need me anymore!” Miracles truly do happen! Don’t waste your time anywhere else!”

Mark K


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Premium Package HUGE DISCOUNT

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12 weeks Intensive healing
& training
Learn 40 plus hours of techniques that are going to be completely new for you!
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Zoom Calls with BDevine
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Some of our topics will include:

⭐️Proper grounding and connecting techniques & declarations

⭐️Spiritual Clearings & releasing negative energy (powerful)
⭐️Energy Plays and the different types of energy-positive and negative (this is huge and may have a few different videos to complete this)
⭐️Body language/supportive language
⭐️Study of Physiognomy (faces)
⭐️Types of personalities and dealing with difficulties
⭐️Quick Healing Practices -some different methods
⭐️Spiritual Therapy-Gaining more Intuitive energy
⭐️putting together a healing/spiritual plan
⭐️More as we move through the course