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About BDevine-Who I am and How I can help you!

For those of you who don’t know me, I will very briefly outline where I have come from how and why  I can help!

*Trigger warning-some of my story is very disturbing *

Born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1975 and at 5 years of age, after my parents divorced, my younger brother and I stayed with our mother and my older brother and Dad left and went back to USA.

At this same age, my mother met someone new, who was evil to the core and changed my mother completely- I was sexually abused, tortured and beaten, constantly.
My mother watched on throughout.

She even arranged for me to be given to a group of pedophiles,when I was 9 after drugging me and leaving me there for 3 days, and I don’t think she was ever going to come back- or perhaps was not supposed to..somehow I woke up in the back of our car and the abuse continued. 

My brothers and sister had no idea. Nothing happened to them. I was always the one who put up with it. 
I had bad clothes, hair and shoes all the time.
Friends did not want to come to my house, and coaches and friends of my parents where also having group sex,and made me watch it or be a part of it.

My life was agony..however something always told me “there is someone worse off than you..”

Family members who I thought cared, did not want to know when my step dad was arrested. They where told it was because of me lying, and my mother, the now narcissist, kept that story going and ruined my relationships with my siblings who hated me, and my younger brother who turned to heroin because of it.

At 12 a friend actually came to my house briefly and my step dad made moves on her..she told her mother and before I knew it, I was questioned at school and taken to foster care. 
All but one foster home was abusive too. 

My mother would not see me and we only visited through the foster home in a park twice. 
My father in USA was contacted and I went to live there for 3 years. 
He could not handle to look after me and although he did not abuse me,he sent me to live in 3 religious communities hoping I would be married and taken care of. I was 14 at the time!

I lived with Amish,Mennonites and Hutterites, and never knew if anyone was going to find me…

My dad finally came and got me, and took me to NYC to be locked In an apartment while he worked during the day. At night I would accompany him to his work as a real estate agent for condos. A man who lived at the same apartments handed me a gift one day. He said I think you need this…

It was a Mythic Tarot Set. I was 15.

My life changed then,although I didn’t know it. 
After working as a nanny, in Kew  Gardens Hills, in Queens, NYC I saved enough to get back to Australia. 
My dad reluctantly agreed to accompany me back home. 
I did not want to go to my mothers house,so we decided we would set up in Adelaide, where I was born, instead. 
After countless shelters with my dad, I ended up homeless when he decided to leave all of a sudden and return to USA. 
I remember being at Colley reserve In Glenelg SA and literally watching him walk right past me with a backpack on and leave.

My next chapter began when I met my oldest two sons dad. He promised to look after me and help me, and he was all I knew. 
I was homeless on the street for some time and finally secured a unit for us. At that time he became extremely violent and beat me regularly and threw fits of rage at others as well. I was terrified and no where to go. 
He would often take off with friends and I would go looking for him-pregnant by this stage. No car, walking everywhere. 
One  night he refused to come home and wanted to stay drinking with his buddies in a park in the city.

I stayed because I had walked all day to find him and was scared to leave. He beat a man that night in anger,and left him in the park..he died in his sleep..

I went into some kind of shock begging him to help the guy and I was quickly shut down and told exactly what to do. He decided to run and took me with him a cross the country to Perth, WA. Where I had grown up. Also where my mother was..

Cops found him and bashed in our door during the night..

I was taken back to SA and told the cops everything hoping they’d help me. To no avail. Cops did not want to listen about that,only the crime. 
By the time my son was almost one, I was giving evidence in the Supreme Court - with cops outside the courtroom looking after my son.

My life continued to get worse with him, beatings,aggravation and another child..I was alone and felt too afraid to leave. So many things happened it would take a book to reveal it all-certainly working on it! 

Eventually, after he stabbed me on my 21st birthday, I knew I had to escape. 
I eventually was able to escape with my sons and never looked back. I had some kind of energy inside of me that was more determined to leave than stay. My children gave me strength!

I got a restraining order but it still took years for him to leave me alone,even after he moved on and had two more kids. 

I met someone else, and thought life would be different. 
I got pregnant and half way through the pregnancy had to give birth because I was told my baby would be born dead or die shortly after, from Anencephaly..a strange problem that did not close the back of the head properly and the brain would be exposed at birth. I was devastated…so was he!

When I got pregnant again it was like a miracle. This was my baby back with me! 

My youngest sons dad was money controlling, and drug dealer (weed) and kept everything for himself. He ended up taking my son away when my son was two, after 5 years of continuing to grow weed, even when people broke into our place with baseball bats. I was terrified. He didn’t care. 
I spent the next 13 agonizing years going to lawyers,courts,and child psychologists to have my son returned to me. Every step was blocked with lies. 
It took so many years to put my life together. To understand healing and continue my spiritual practices. All those things where done in secret because it was always ridiculed. 

I am totally skipping over so many other stories, but in 2009, my website “Devine Miracles” was born .  I put all my knowledge and training that I had done through courses to practice  -I had been doing readings and cards a long time, but my passion was healing.

I studied Psychology and child psychology but they were not what I needed- I went on to other things, shamanic healing, and reiki, developing later my own methods, courses and teachings.

I wrote my first book “Angelic Guidance” while caring for my grandmother as she was dying. Also developed my cards “Domino Angels”  I started  YouTube in 2010 and Facebook around the same time .

I learnt how to build my own website and taught myself to maintain it. My original and still available website www.devinemiracles.com holds a lot of articles and information too .

I developed my own healing and understood my trauma responses.

I suffered terribly from anxiety and agoraphobia which meant I would blush at any time . I healed myself of long standing issue’s ,and knew I would be able to help others. 

After living in Australia I moved to UK and after two disastrous years,and a horrible narcissist who stole everything from me, I moved back to Australia . I travelled the country doing readings and healing and practiced QHHT around Australia .

I kept on developing different healing methods and decided to do all my work online.

I also was able to cure myself…after finding out I had Cervical Cancer at 24, I completely healed it out of my body  since then (I am currently 48 in 2023) I have not been for smears or further testing . I do not believe it exists,and therefore it doesn’t .

I used my method to help countless others to heal,and now, living in the USA since 2018 and finally found the person I was looking for my whole life, I have been able to develop my Academy .

All my knowledge from 30plus years of dealing with trauma,abuse,stress,anxiety,depression,physical pains,back problems, cervical cancer, abandonment, rejection, narcissistic parents and partners, and constant abuse, I have not only been able to heal, but excel!

The more abuse I have had in my life, has only allowed me to want to help others even more. I developed ways and a program of healing that is so thorough and enjoyable, that everyone now can excel and help others.

I have learnt regression therapies, and techniques that no one else is doing,that changes your life and you never need healing again!

Once you understand yourself as a soul, you have your power back and no one can take it from you!

After thousands and thousands of readings, channeling, mediumship readings past life regressions and healings  of all kinds, I offer these teachings to you all . I still offer all services personally, for the time being, but always looking for students to become what they where always meant to be!

Its time for change in the way healers,and readers work..

We must go back to the ancient ways of healing and create changes in the earth through ourselves.

I Understand trauma,ptsd and those complexities, and how you can heal them forever! I have many options available to help,you to overcome whatever problems and situations you have had or are currently going through ..

I am a powerful guide and healer for humanity, and teach you to awaken who you really are! You are far more powerful than you ever imagined!

Readings are given in respect to your soul and purpose and healing runs through every word.

Ive created 1900 plus videos to help you learn and Patreon page so you can get extra time with me and discounts on all services.

Ive been doing the work all the way through my own traumas and it has led me to the point of teaching my methods . Your life will change so completely, so please watch the video from some of my students..

I was a girl thrown to the wayside, abused and abandoned in so many ways. No real education, other than courses and home study, I am completely self taught and created ways to teach you that you can relate to!

I hope this has helped you get to know me- although many many things where left out or skipped over, I wanted you to see that you are not alone and you are worth everything you can imagine and more!  

There is nothing that can not be healed if it is in your blueprint of life to heal it..there is nothing that can’t be changed in your life if you follow the advice and actually want life to change for you  

In my life of all different types of abuse, I have not been perfect either! Nobody is ever perfect!
life has never been a bed of roses and I have done plenty of things I regret  and choices to trust people and allow them into my life, which ultimately led to greatness in me,  it at the time felt like a curse rather than a blessing.

I became an expert in my own way, of understanding negative energy and how it can attach itself to your life without even realizing where it all came from..before you know it, you are thinking thoughts you didn’t think before, and hanging with people you would never usually associate with-all for closeness-all for the sake of company- but you discover, than when you really need someone, they are not there! Friendships can be one sided!

I found the next step on my journey was to understand things so deeply that they would become a new practice (which is actually an ancient one) and open people up to a new life-without expensive therapists , drugs and crippling problems related to chemicals.

I learnt about the shadow self and also the different layers of our being, and dimensional energy-even learning how to navigate, heal and travel through time…so many things and too much to mention..

I have worked with celebrities, actors and actresses, stage directors and film producers, I have worked with musicians and all kinds of people from all kinds of walks of life. I still work with top corporate executives, helping clear the energy in buildings and homes, and assisting positive growth in employees.

These are things typically not spoken of often by me, and I would love to do more of this work! Yes, even celebrities want to be loved and accepted!

My mission is solely to help you to help yourself, and I need people to share this high vibrational work with the world, as it surely does need it!

I hope you have found the right place for you, and I look forward to helping and guiding you to your highest version of yourself!

Blessings and light always

I am BDevine®️

*Founder “Light Leaders Academy”

*Transformational Speaker

*Light Codes Channel

*Intergalactic Ambassador/Channel

*Universal Healer-All kinds of modalities-Shamanism,Reiki Master, QHHT Practitioner, Past Life  Healing Teacher,Angel Healing & More!  

*Spiritual Clearings of all kinds,buildings,homes,business,land.

*Spiritual Guidance/Teacher 


Animal Healer/Messenger 


Author-“Angelic Guidance” & “Domino Angels”-more to come!


 Check out My websites:

Academy- https://bdevine.teachable.com/p/light-leaders-academy


Original Website: https://www.devinemiracles.com


crystal Store: https://www.rockn-gems.com