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Akashic Records -with BDevine


Akashic Records -with BDevine

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Unlock the power of your destiny with Akashic Records. This ancient tool helps you access spiritual guidance and gain insight into your life's journey. Connect with your higher self and unlock your potential!

I will tune in to your personal records, and we can then use this as a tool to help you as you move forward.

Amazing healing can flow!


Past life reading

Future Progression- near and distant future

Advice and healing assistance that you will need to use to integrate for your highest potentials to emerge  

This reading comes  with advice and support as well as recommendations for the next step in your life!

Via MP3 Recording you will need to download to keep the recording for yourself. The turnaround is 2-5 days to receive your reading .

please be sure that you email me or leave a note with your questions,although all will be addressed in your reading .



1 hour Mp3 recorded messages!


Please email me with your questions and anything you need to tell me :) 


see more Akashic records monthly on YouTube-@Devinemiracles