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April 2021 Schedule Of Events

April 2021 Schedule Of Events with BDevine www.Devinemiracles.comNEW COURSE! Attraction Reiki! Attract and magnify your abilities and desires! DISCOUNTS OF 10-20% OFF ALL COURSES AND SERVICES Become a Patron Here 😊You may also use your discount at our crystal wellness store. April 1st 2021-Videos for the new month and blessings for Patrons and social media (Patrons receive bonus readings, meditations, webinars and LIVE channeling sessions with BDevine)April 3rd 2021 LIVE EASTER SHOW and Game on FACEBOOK /Devinemiracles 12 PM MST April 6th Tuesday-12 DAYS LIVE, with BDevine. Spiritual topics of the day q&a will be LIVE every day for 12 days at various times. It will be about our journey and topics of the day...

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March 2021 Schedule Of Events

  Schedule of Events March 2021       All Patrons receive 10-20% Discount on all items, meditations, new readings, webinars and more! You can become a Patron and take advantage of the discounts in two stores!   March 5th FB live show-12pm MST Updates and Talks   March 6Th PATREON FREE WEBINAR @12pm MST “Activate Higher Self”   March 13th Pisces NEW MOON 🌝 LIVE Show TBA   March 16th PATREON Free Channeling session live q&a   March 18th Announcements for New Courses   March 28th 2021 Full Moon 🌕 In Libra -Worm/Wind Moon 🌙 LIVE TBA   Random lives and readings will occur throughout the month.   Some dates/times subject to change.

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February 2021-Schedule of Events

February 2021 Schedule of Events   In February 2021 we will have 6 planets all in Aquarius, called a Stellium. The last time this happened was in 1286! Powerful energy for February.   February 1st 2021- New monthly readings for Patrons All signs! To join Patreon click here   February 4th LIVE show TBA   February 6th 2021- FREE Webinar for Patrons! “Teachings of Master Jesus”   February 11th New Moon In Aquarius-Readings and LIVE TBA   February 14th-Valentine’s Day!   February 17th- LIVE Talks tba   February 20th-Announcements for new courses and new crystal website!   February 28th -Full moon in Virgo ♍️ LIVE   Further live shows and webinars will occur at random times, and...

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January 2021 Schedule Of Events (subject to change)

January 2021 Schedule of events   www.bdevineonline   Happy New Year! 🥳🥳🥳 (See below the New Year Declaration)   January 3rd 2pm MST (Sunday) Live Channeling and Information for Patrons. Q & A You can become a patron here:   January 7th @2pm MST LIVE Readings/Activations on FB and YT   January 12th- New Moon In Capricorn ♑️ Readings TBA   January 17th Brand New Webinar TBA   January 23rd January LIVE FB & YT  Channeling Session   January 28th Full Moon In Leo ♌️ Readings     2021 Declarations   “As a sovereign being of light, and a keeper of the cosmic energy,and caretaker of the earth, I hereby give permission for cosmic activations and healing to...

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December 2020 Schedule of Events-with BDevine

December 2020 Schedule of events with & www.Devinemiracles.comSunday 6th December 12pm MST FREE 2 hour Webinar for all Patrons. This will be on Angels and Activations! you can become a Patron here: December 14th- New 🌝 Moon/Solar eclipse Readings (Live to be announced)Saturday December 19th LIVE FB/YT -Free Webinar on Confidence/Business advice. 12pm MST December 24th- LIVE CHRISTMAS show fun! Dress up on Christmas attire 😘 FB & YOuTube 4 pm MSTDecember 30th Full MoonDecember 31st New Years Eve LIVE Fun FB &Youtube 4 pm MST Extras will be added random lives and reading video. Don’t forget your 2021 reading! patrons 10% off everything.

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