February 2021-Schedule of Events – BDevineonline

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February 2021-Schedule of Events

February 2021 Schedule of Events

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In February 2021 we will have 6 planets all in Aquarius, called a Stellium. The last time this happened was in 1286! Powerful energy for February.


February 1st 2021- New monthly readings for Patrons

All signs! To join Patreon click here www.Patreon.com/devinemiracles


February 4th LIVE show TBA


February 6th 2021- FREE Webinar for Patrons! “Teachings of Master Jesus”


February 11th New Moon In Aquarius-Readings and LIVE TBA


February 14th-Valentine’s Day!


February 17th- LIVE Talks tba


February 20th-Announcements for new courses and new crystal website!


February 28th -Full moon in Virgo ♍️ LIVE


Further live shows and webinars will occur at random times, and all times are subject to change.


Blessings and love to all!