January 2021 Schedule Of Events (subject to change) – BDevineonline

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January 2021 Schedule Of Events (subject to change)

January 2021 Schedule of events


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Happy New Year! 🥳🥳🥳 (See below the New Year Declaration)


January 3rd 2pm MST (Sunday) Live Channeling and Information for Patrons. Q & A You can become a patron here: www.Patreon.com/devinemiracles


January 7th @2pm MST LIVE Readings/Activations on FB and YT


January 12th- New Moon In Capricorn ♑️ Readings TBA


January 17th Brand New Webinar TBA


January 23rd January LIVE FB & YT  Channeling Session


January 28th Full Moon In Leo ♌️ Readings



2021 Declarations


“As a sovereign being of light, and a keeper of the cosmic energy,and caretaker of the earth, I hereby give permission for cosmic activations and healing to take place NOW for my personal energy, and for that of the planet. I give permission, for the emissaries of light, and devine angels to protect me now, and extend this protection, with love, out through the universe,and the planet.

I give permission, for changes that need to be made, to happen immediately, without force, and from a place of love,and divine alchemy.

I am open to receiving my own new codes of light,and cosmic keys of knowledge and awareness, as I step forward into the brand new energy of the planet.

I give permission for the cleansing of old energy, for the clearing and healing of myself and the planet, and a new and revived sense of who I am and what I am here to do.

As I empower myself to all that I can be, I know this has a ripple effect to all who know me, and therefore all who know them,and so on, so light and love,empowerment and strength, (without superiority) will once again rule the earth, instead of the old angry and dark ways,which have been here for so long.

I hereby activate,  my true soul mission, and journey, and will do my best to live always from the space of love.

I give permission, for the spiritual light team, and connections to my higher self, as well as source and galactic energy, to be with me now, align me now, balance me now, and remind me of my true power every day.

I have many different parts to myself as a soul, and many different dimensional energies and lives I am living all at once-so I ask for a connection, and knowing of all these parts of myself, and activate them into higher awareness. I ask future parts of who I am as a soul, to hear my call, and swiftly come to my aid, as I embark on another important aspect of my life on this earth.

I activate now, the ancient and wise parts of who I am- the bold and warrior parts of me, and the magical and creator parts of myself, that may have been lying dormant, in fear for a very long time.

I give permissions for extra knowledge and healing to flow through me know, and whenever needed to balance and restore my physical body,and activate more of my cosmic awareness and self.

I activate now, the next part of the journey into abundance and ease, and understand that although the earth may need to shake and release, that I will have understanding, and gain knowledge and healing from empower ing myself-even through the toughest of times.

As I now activate my light team, I also activate the supreme creator and manifestation skills, that have lain dormant in me. I know that this will infuse with me, at just the right levels, so I will not be overwhelmed.

I activate now, the highest aspects of myself so that I may be of service to others in my own way, thus helping to support and heal the planet.

I now give permission for the release of lower energies, and the empowerment of the planet, and the connection with the light, and ascension energies.

I give permission to connect with those who are also light warriors,and hold the intention of love in their heart.

I ask for the activation of the planet into its higher self, and away from the lower self that it has found itself enslaved too for so long.

I ask for the ancient but fundamental keys to the planet, to be handed to the right cosmic keepers, so that the earth is supported in times of change.

I set the intention, here and now, for the activation of my abilities, to the highest level, and that in doin so, I will be able to monitor the levels of light in my body and adjust it with thought, just like I have always been able to do, but not understand.

I give permission , for the angels of light, the guides of humanity, the masters of the universe, the cosmic Dragons  and the energies of wisdom and light, to station themselves around the earth, and activate the earth now.

I give permission , for this activation of light to also occur within me,and to those who are ready, as we embrace the new year and earth.

I give thanks for humanity,and all the lessons of this life and past lives. I embrace my sacred knowledge and wisdom,and activate the most powerful and knowledgeable parts of myself now. I know this will mean changes, and those not on my path will go a new way, and make way for new growth.

I let go of any karmic ties in all directions of time and space,that are negatively or have been negatively impacting my life now.

I close any portals of  negative attachments that I may have opened out of fear. I release those energies who no longer have to hold an ancient agreement for me.

I accept healing for my highest good. I accept myself on all levels, &  my role as a caretaker of this earth.

I allow manifestations,and abundance on all levels to happen in my life-the more I have,the more I can help.

I give thanks to the earth and it’s beautiful and wonderful energy and the home it has given us all. I am grateful to be a part of the golden age, that is occurring as we speak. I accept elevation onto new energies,and light codes, which will recreate my whole life, to be much easier to navigate.

I know help is only a thought away.

This year, 2021 I will do my best to remember the powerful creator that I am, therefore use my words and thoughts on service of life, not in service of disaster.

I am supported,grounded and protected. I am elevated and ascending all the time. I activate all the parts and pieces of who I am as a soul, to work with me, and light the way.

I hold forgiveness in my heart for those who are agitators on my path, for family who have hurt me, or those who know not what they do. I also ask for forgiveness for any part I have played in negative energy, or darkness in my lifetimes on earth. I ask for a balance of karmic energy to unfold immediately.

I ask for this to be activated through all layers of my entire being. I ask for this love and light to spread to all corners of the earth and beyond, and through all the layers of my being. It is done and sealed with love and light. And so it is!”