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Quick reading with BDevine $50


Quick reading with BDevine $50

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To prepare for a tarot reading, follow these steps:

 **Formulate Your Questions**: Think about the areas of your life you want insights or guidance on. Write down your questions clearly.

Please note, I do not spy on others for you-or answer questions about cheating, or what someone else thinks of you-this is not proper spiritual ettiquette.This is your reading so keep questions about you. 

 ** Send me your questions via the note section at checkout or email me devinemiracles@gmail.com

**Reflect on the Reading**: When you receive your reading, take your time to listen more than once.

 **Take Notes**: Notice how you feel before the reading and afterwards you nshould feel lighter-free and connected.

7. **Follow-Up**: Reflect on the reading over time to see how the insights resonate with your experiences. Consider taking actions or making decisions based on the guidance received.

Remember, tarot readings are meant to offer guidance and insight; trust your intuition and the messages you receive during the reading.