One hour call for reading/healing with BDevine

One hour call for reading/healing with BDevine

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Must Book Calls First-


A call really is one of the best ways in which to connect!
It’s also extremely fun and healing every time!

I have been working with different spiritual therapies and healing, for over 30 years now- and learnt so many things that I can easily help you to learn. I want to connect with who you are as a soul, and help you to reconnect all the peices, and understand why things are happening like they are.

Any situation or trauma you are facing, it can be resolved!

My aim will be to get you to a place within, that is empowered! 
As a result you will feel lighter, more confident and have understanding of yourself in a different way.

You will also feel more “in tune” spiritually, and understand how to connect with your

“Spiritual Light Team”!

Choose whatever you would like to work on for our call ! 

1 hour call on any subject any type of reading or healing. You will also receive access to further meditations and resources as needed.

please email to book a mutual time. 
Im on Mountain Standard Time. You may also like to send me an outline of your situation, to save time. 

Must be able to use WhatsApp or Facebook messenger for our calls. Audio calls only. 

Looking forward to talking to you!