Love & Relationship Readings -with BDevine – BDevineonline
Love & Relationship Readings -with BDevine
Love & Relationship Readings -with BDevine

Love & Relationship Readings -with BDevine

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40 min recording for you!

The focus is on love and relationships. 
In my experience, the best readings I had in the past where the ones that the reader was honest with me-even if I didn’t want to hear it. I will give you my honest advice in your situation, but it will always be up to you what decisions you make. 

You may ask (4) questions for your reading. Your reading is a digital recording that will be sent to your email address when it’s ready. 

I will use various methods and bring in the Angels for your reading. I will be reading for you, and not the other party. I can only tell you how this energy is effecting you, and not read personally for them-I must have permission from both parties in order to do that. 

All readings give advice, intuition, channeled messages and card readings, to support you and your journey. 

Please include relevant information and birthdates. You may include a photo for the reading. 

Included grounding and attunement process!


Please email me with your questions-

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