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Psychic Abilities -Claircognizance & Clairsentience Webinar Now $35

Psychic Abilities -Claircognizance & Clairsentience Webinar Now $35

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This was a LIVE webinar that you will be able to access at discounted price  

You will need to email after purchase to receive the youtube link and PDF

This webinar will include:

*Special activations,

*Powerful Attunements

*Meditations Designed to strengthen your abilities, and actually experience a connection!

* Healing and releasing of blocks new meditations, designed to   introduce you to brand new Angels, & Ascended Masters !

No pre requisite to join in on this webinar  

You will receive a link to my YouTube LIVE which will be unlisted. 
You will receive PDFs on the subject to follow along with.
You can watch over and again afterwards. 

My webinars are packed FULL of information and powerful psychic activations, and teachings.

Don’t miss this one! 😊