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Devine Tarot-101 COURSE with BDevine


Devine Tarot-101 COURSE with BDevine

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Welcome to a new journey! 

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BDevine® Is an International Accredited Training Provider of Holistic Medicine & Executive practitioner Internationally!

Through my courses, you too can gain accreditation!

Devine Tarot-101

Learn the Tarot with BDevine

This unique & thorough course is designed to show you specific and different ways of reading Tarot.

Join BDevine for over 6 weeks packed full of lessons and activations, to assist your growth and psychic skills.

Telegram group for all students with practice readings!

Study at your own pace, and log into your work anytime!

32 years of reading & spiritual teaching experience, with the most unique and inspirational reader you will meet!

This is all you need to be successful in helping others to heal themselves through your knowledge & willingness to be unique!

You will not learn what you are going to learn here anywhere else!!

Devine Tarot-101

How does this all work?

Enroll anytime ! Join the telegram support group to practice :) 

You can enter the course whenever you like, and go as slow or fast as possible.

Beginner to advanced your skills will sharpen and readings will become more intensive and life changing!

Some PDFS and bonus materials will be available.

You must complete each lesson before the next one begins.

Study at your own pace. using the lessons provided.

ZOOM Q&A sessions 

All information is copyright and can not be shared online.

 Telegram group for all students to practice with each other and connect with me personally!

Everything in a nutshell

*Requirements-Tarot Card Deck of your choosing & journal

*Learn all the information you need to be unique and intuitive reader.

*Add this to your existing healing work to connect with your clients.

*Open your psychic abilities with expert lessons designed to increase your spiritual power!

*Change your life and begin your own online or in person business with confidence!

*Learn how to deal with troubled clients, and troubleshoot easily.

*Learn about many different types of readings, and different cards.

*Work at your own pace!

*Special Activations and attunements-meditations and declarations to change your life!

*Spiritual Etiquette for readings