Distant Healing 4 sessions-With BDevine 😊 – BDevineonline
Distant Healing 4 sessions-With BDevine 😊

Distant Healing 4 sessions-With BDevine 😊

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These sessions will not require a call, and can be done at a time that’s convenient for you. 
I supply special music for your sessions, that you will listen to, so you can receive your healing. 

It is advised to space the healing energy apart at least one week. 
Please Note-I will not send healing without your request-your sessions are up to you so you can be ready to receive. Please advise how often you wish the healing sent to you.

You will need to contact me via email, (Devinemiracles@gmail.com) to give me an outline of your issues, so I can also advise and give recommendations for you,to support your healing journey. 
Some meditations will also be given to you, and a special individual healing report will be made for you. 

It is important as part of your own healing, that you are actually doing the work and remaining positive. This is not a magic wand and must work with your energy. Each case is different so please email and outline what things you are trying to heal/change. 

Healing Comes with:

*Healing Report-this will be a recording after all sessions are completed.

*Guided Meditations-I will send them as you progress.

*Healing Music-You will receive 4 types

* Clearing of Dark Energy-

* Clearing Attachments-

* Karmic Energy-

*Auric Clean Up-

*Chakra Balancing-

* Activations of Light-

*Release from Physical Symptoms-

*Release from Spells/Psychic Attack-

*Connection with Angels and Guides -

and more! (Depending on your individual needs) 

 $199 USD