11. Soul Star Healing-By BDevine Highly Recommended! $444 USD

11. Soul Star Healing-By BDevine Highly Recommended! $444 USD

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Welcome to a new experience in claiming your own Devine Healing!

Now you can bring in the energy of the higher realms and ancient knowledge together, to awaken your true healing and Soul Path!

Using channeled techniques with higher dimensional healing energies, as well as the Angelic realms,ancient Gods and Goddesses of time, and your own spirit guides and animal totems, this powerful and guided healing, will transform your life and bring healing on all levels, as well as activating your own abilities and connections with Source energy.

The power of the ancient civilizations, and other worlds come together, with this unique type of healing, which is like no other. It does not matter what other healing you have had in the past, this still works with you for your highest potentials and divine plan.

You will be working with the energies who oversee you as a soul, and some others you may not have heard of and also the "Lords of Karma" who will break the chains o the past holding you back from your true path.

This interactive healing will activate:

*Healing Codes & Wisdom within you
*Accelerate your spiritual path
*Get in touch with higher energies
*Re calibrate your DNA
*Bring forward your true path
*Open ALL 12 Chakras, and energy portals
*Create strong abundance
*Heal from physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual trauma
*Invigorate Your Senses
*Relief From Stress, Depression and physical pain
*Release From Karmic Energies and Contracts
*Full Bodied healing and awakening
*Create new pathways of abundance
*Release negative curses, spells, or evil and discordant beings
*Open your creative talent
*Find your true self and activate the energy
*Open your heart and heal for true love, soul mate, twin flame to enter

Healing Sessions Include ALL Of The Above &:

*Healing Consultation with BDevine® & Initial Activations-1.5 Hour Phone Call
* 4 X 1.5 Hour Phone Call Healing with Instructions and Spiritual Guidance Counseling.


$444 usd