Quantum Healing Regression Therapy- Past Life Sessions with BDevine (level 2QHHT practitioner since 2013)

Quantum Healing Regression Therapy- Past Life Sessions with BDevine (level 2QHHT practitioner since 2013)

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-Watch and Listen to the video session below!

Working with me and your "spiritual team" as well as working deep with Source energy.
This creates a healing that is deep and of course, most interesting!
Get ready for your life to change in the most amazing ways! We will set times for (3)sessions, so you can truly experience the amazing benefits, of clearing away past energy, and past traumas that may still be haunting you! We will also be upgrading your energy centers, aura, portals of light will open, and thus your true abilities will begin to emerge easily.

Your first session, will include what to expect from your session, and we will need to go over your needs, past issues, and help you to understand what can and will happen, with your true belief and trust in it.What you experience, will always be exactly what you need.

In my experience with this therapy, already there have been astounding breakthroughs & certain medical miracles! Here are just some of those.

* Psoriasis & skin issues

* Hair loss

* Back bone and swelling healed

*complete spinal fusions healed

*no medications

*Eye sight restored,




*Ribs-broken and scarred.


* Total body healing

*Cancer-It does not matter what kind.

*Emotional issues-on every level.

*Past life issues.

* Cell regeneration

* and countless more issues all healed!


This method of healing is for everyone, and is life changing. However, I do recommend, that you have a session only when you truly feel guided to do it, and you are ready for a complete change. Again, the results of your session, rely heavily on your willingness for change and healing.I will explain everything when we talk.


Yes, you can pay in instalments but you must email me first. Devinemiracles@gmail.com 

Your session will also be recorded for you, to further integrate the healing forever. I am a level 2 dedicated QHHT practioner, and will be using some techniques taught in this process, however, this is different and unique for each person. 
However, you will be safe and relaxed and absolutely anyone can have success with this.
We have (3) sessions together for the price of one! 

$444.00 USD