Light Leadership Academy-Introductory Webinar

Light Leadership Academy-Introductory Webinar

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Are you sick of being a “light worker?”

Do you have a desire to help heal the world and help heal people,animals and families, in the most beautiful and intuitive way?

With my own knowledge of all areas of spirituality, and deep connections with healing and abilities, I will be teaching you all how to become the most profound teachers of light, embracing the truth of your soul energy, and being able to read people’s energy,in order to help them to heal themselves. 

Too many “Psychics” put you in a box compartment, and make you feel like you are not able to ever connect, heal or change- unless you continue working with them. 
You will learn, that the process of healing is relatively quick, and if your client is not ready to make their own changes, they will always block the results. You will learn how to say “no” when you need to, and be confident in your abilities. 

This introduction to the program, (watch the video) will outline all that you will learn to be more confident and capable of any situation that comes up in your lives, and anyone you work with. 
If you decide to start the program, you will pay a upfront fee and small monthly fee to access all the materials, and receive your own energy kit in the mail! (More about this later)

I will explain all aspects of learning including:

💫Psychology and Spirituality


💫Body Language (actual language too)

💫All kinds of healing methods - Shamanic,Egyptian, Time Line Energy, Past Life Healing, Crystal Healing & My own regression therapy  PLUS multiple Energy healing methods  

💫Increasing psychic abilities,mediumship and animal healing

💫How to deal with clients

💫Correct business etiquette 

💫Confidence in every area!

💫Attunements and activations 

💫Exorcixms/clearings/houses/buikdings etc  


Enrolments for a January 2022! Starting Monday 31st January. 
Please CLICK ON THIS LNK cor payment options and enrolment.

Please share with others! This is a beautiful event, that will inspire you to move into your destiny! It’s truly time!